A database designed to be changed|

Rename, restructure, and backfill your data with no downtime and immediate rollbacks. ReshapeDB makes complex schema and data changes as simple and safe as refactoring your code.

ReshapeDB puts developers first

model User {
  field id: Id
  primary_key id

  field balance: Int {
    default: 0

Easy schema building

Define your database schema with a simple file format, right next to your code

db.transaction(async |txn| {
  let user = users::getById(txn, id).await?;
  let test = 0;

  // Decrement user balance
  user.balance -= amount;

Type-safe clients

ReshapeDB generates a type-safe client from your schema, in whatever programming language you prefer

// Create clean database for test
let db = reshape::setupTestDatabase();
users::insert(&db, testUserData());

let service = YourService::new(&db);
assert_eq!(1, service.getAllUsers());

Designed for testing

Stop mocking your database in tests, create an isolated databases for each test with a single line of code

With powerful, safe and zero-downtime schema migrations

1Define your schema changes
2Update your application
3Deploy with peace of mind

Define your schema changes

Use the simple DSL to define your schema changes and embed Typescript to define how to translate between your new and old schema.

ReshapeDB will automatically backfill any changes and transparently translate between your old and new schema.

model User {
  // ...

  field email: String {
    up: {
      const extractedEmail = metadata["email"];

      return {
        email: extractedEmail,

  field metadata: Json {
    default: {}

Built on rock-solid foundations

databaseDistributed transactions

With distributed, strictly serializable ACID transactions, ReshapeDB is ready for your most critical workloads.

trending_upHorizontal scalability

ReshapeDB scales up simply by adding more nodes. Your data is automatically sharded and balanced for optimal performance.

dynamic_feedReplicated and reliable

All your data is replicated across availability zones and ReshapeDB effortlessly handles outages without skipping a beat.

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